“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

- Nikola Tesla



The 9 Kemitsville Affirmations

We "Respect Our Ancestors"

We "Respect Our Universe and Planet"

We "Respect Our People"

We "Respect Your People"

We are not a "Religious Organization"

We are not here to "Discuss Religion"

We Respect Everyone as well as there "Beliefs"

We will "Be A Voice Of Our Ancestors"

We will "Speak The Truth As Eye See"


Kemetsvilles is a place to come learn and teach about our ancestors of Kemit  (aka Egypt) and beyond.  Our Ancestors left behind many messages with the symbol of the Ankh, hieroglyphs, the creation of the pyramids, statues, stones, tombs and more. We decode these messages with different understandings, opinions and some of us overstanding the truth. We are here to learn, teach and spread the knowledge that was almost lost in time. Many of you may have spiritual beliefs that we do not share and we respect that, but we do ask if you do not share our truths, this might not be the place for you and revisit us when your ready to hear the truth. What you read, hear or see on this website is information gathered from many sources that are the opinion of the writer and creator of that media. We want you find your own truth as written in the hieroglyphs ,ancient objects and other types media presented on this site. "An Eye That Seeks Truth, Is an Eye That Will Find Truth"   Based on the what eye see there are tons of religions, cults and belief systems on this planet, but what eye see the most in all systems is a reference or symbol related to KEMIT! and eye thank all of you for recognizing the Almighty Great  Amun Ra aka; Amon, Amon Ra, Amon Re, Amen Ra, " Amen"!

Listen to the voice inside. Your "god-self".